10 Top Mitsubishi Stores in Canada

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Buying a car can be a tedious task especially when you have no idea what you want. It

is such a relief though when you know that the store where you are buying your car is a reliable

one. In the same way, it is also a relief when you know that the car you are buying serves you

well and the value you get is more than what you are paying for. We have come up with a list of

top stores in Canada where you can purchase your cars.


Take for example, when you want to purchase the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 which

received a lot positive reviews from its users, you would want to buy it from a store with good

customer service and who is selling the car at a reasonable rate. Here is a list that could help

you decide where to buy your Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 or any Mitsubishi cars for that matter:


1) Auto Trader Canada. This is one of the stores where people prefer to purchase their

cars as it is strategically located in various stores and it has an active online presence

thus encouraging easier communication between the buyers and the sales personnel.


2) Mitsubishi London. Located in Wharncliffe Road South, London, ON, this Mitsubishi

store is accessible for prospects who lives within the area. They also have available cars

such as the Mitsubish RVR 2016 and Mitsubishi Outlander 2016.


3) Fraser Valley Mitsubishi. One of the leading stores in the Canada is Mitsubishi Fraser

Valley. The store has various Mitsubishi Cars to choose from, the staff are friendly and

you can schedule a test drive for any cars with them. While you may contact them

online, the physical store is located in Yale Road West, Chilliwack, BC.


4) Northside Mitsubishi. Another store that will help you get your dream 2016 Mitsubishi

RVR, Northside Mitsubishi is available to its clients whether offline or online. It has a

physical store in Edmonton, AB and its website is conveniently available for everyone to



5) Southside Mitsubishi. A car provider for people living in Edmonton, AB area, this store

provides various Mitsubishi cars that will suite your taste and needs.


6) Autocatch. An online provider for Mitsubishi cars, Autocatch is one of the top places

where you can purchase your cars at an affordable rate. It may seem that Autocatch

does not have a physical store, it is still accessible for people who prefers online



7) Courtesy Mitsubishi Calgary. Situated in Glendeer Circle SE, Calgary, AB. The car

shop is also available for people living within the specified area. The store is accessible

to both online clients as well as those who prefer to check cars in the actual stores.


8) Platinum Mitsubishi. This store provides various Mitsubishi cars to clients in Calgary.

This car dealer can be preferred by clients who are living in the area of Calgary. They

provide various models of Mitsubishi cars such as the RVR 2016 and Outlander 2016.


9) Calgary AutoMall. Though not a provider of specific car brands, Calgary AutoMall

provides various Mitsubishi models to its clients. This store gives you more options if you

prefer other car models or brands.


10) Mitsubishi Electric. A company focused on selling Mitsubishi cars in Canada, this shop

is committed in selling cars within Ontario area.


While there are plenty of stores that will provide you with your dream Mitsubishi car, it is best

if you choose a shop that you know you can trust and is reliable. It is also a factor when

these sellers will help you in your financing needs such as Mitsubishi Fraser Valley.

It is best to talk to sales representatives of different shops and compare their services so

you may choose which will best suite you!