Good Credit Bad Credit Auto Loans – Mitsubishi Fraser Valley

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Purchasing a car can be easy as long as you have the necessary requirements needed to make

the purchase. An added advantage would also be when you have the money needed to pay the car in

full amount and in cash right then and there. It is a little complicated and different though when you

decide to buy the car in credit terms. While it may not be that easy, it is not at all impossible just as long

as you have a good credit standing. The situation is different though when you have a bad credit



A good credit standing implies that one is able to pay the necessary bills at the right time and

with the exact amount needed by your creditor. Having a good credit standing also implies that one

spends within the credit limit. On the other hand, having a bad credit standing means that one is not

taking care of his or her debt standing properly. Having a bad credit standing implies that the person

spends beyond the credit limit without paying the minimal or the total amount to be paid to the

creditor. In general, having a bad credit standing means that one has too much debt to a particular

creditor. Both good and bad credit implies something about a person thus this becomes one of the

things lenders look at when an individual desires to purchase something using credit terms.


As an example, take it when a person wants to purchase a car via credit. Before the request is

granted, the company conducts a private investigation first to check whether the person deserves to be

given the financial aid. Rigorous investigation consisting of background checks on fraud, previous credits

and credit standing among others are done to make sure that the person is actually capable of paying

the debt that he or she is about to get into. A bad credit standing would then result to a lesser or zero

chance for a loan while having a good credit standing would lead to a grant in a financial aid application.


Every individual should be responsible for any purchase he or she creates and this means that

having either a good credit standing or a bad credit standing is really up to the individual. It is important

to note though that having a good credit standing means more opportunities to purchase your dream

cars. One should maintain a good credit standing to be able to attract more open doors and gain

breakthroughs in life that an individual with a bad credit standing could never have.