Murray Mazda vs 2016 Outlander Mitsubishi in Chilliwack

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High competition means better service from any car dealer in Chilliwack. Owning

a vehicle is becoming a necessity, individuals try to research on which dealer and car

brand delivers the highest quality of product and service; the brand that excels becomes

the choice of the consumers.


In Chilliwack, there are two major car dealers that are competing with each other.

Murray Mazda Chilliwack BC and Mitsubishi Fraser Valley. With this high competition,

sales-in- charge are stepping up in order to provide prospect clients with what they need.

It is an advantage, however, if sales persons are available as soon as clients need

them, it becomes an advantage.


For Mitsubishi Fraser Valley, there are various extra services being provided.

While Murray Mazda has another strategy to compete with the other dealers, it is vital

that one will go with something that provides the service that matches the needs of the



Focusing on Mitsubishi Fraser Valley, the dealer provides an extensive number

of Mitsubishi car models ranging from brand new vehicles to used but excellently

functional items. For example, the latest available car in Mitsubishi Fraser Valley is the

Mitsubishi 2016 Outlander. The vehicle is ideal for individuals who are always on an

adventure. The car has a 25 mpg for City driving and a 30 mpg Hwy gas mileage, it

uses a regular unleaded engine gas. It 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a two-wheel

drive vehicle with a front wheel drive train. With the specs that this vehicle has, it is

perfect for whatever driving terrain you have in mind.


With the trend that the car industry has, it is important that individuals will

understand that they need to partner with a car dealer who is willing to help and is

readily available for clients. Fraser Valley may be the car dealer that you are looking for.

The company has available staff who will answer to your inquiries and who will guide

you in the purchasing process.