Price and Specs for Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi – Sports Sedan

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Get the Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi Sports Sedan now! Mitsubishi Fraser Valley has sold 1 unit of the

Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan and there are only 9 units left for you to choose from. The sports utility vehicle

is suitable for your daily activities and it will provide you with the best driving experience you will ever



The Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi – Sports Sedan has received various positive reviews as the car will give

you an optimal experience. In addition, the reviews also stated various technical features of the

Mitsubishi Lancer Sports Sedan that will make you think that the car is too good to be true. But the

reviews are true as the Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi has the following technical specifications for your drive

to be even more comfortable! The car automatic transmission with power sun roof. It is packed with a

2.0L DOHC MIVEL 4-Cylinder Engine at 1148HP, a 5-speed manual transmission, active stability control

and an anti-lock breaking system with an electronic break-force distribution. The Lancer 2015 also

features a traction control logic and an anti-theft immobilizer. It is packed with a gear shift indicator and

a tire pressure monitoring system for you to easily monitor the details necessary to make your drive



As an added feature, the Lancer 2015 Sports Sedan also has power windows and locks so that

you will feel secure while driving. The car also has a Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, a stereo

player for AM, FM, or CD to make you feel at ease and relaxed while driving. For easier control and

monitoring of the overall feature of the Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi Sports Sedan, it has a complete multi-

information display with trip meter & odometer, outside temperature, average fuel consumption,

driving distance to empty, service reminder, water temperature warning lamp, and low fuel warning.

With these, you are sure that you will never have troubles while on the way to your favorite destination.


The Mitsubishi Lancer is priced at a reasonable amount and Mitsubishi Fraser Valley will even help

you in your financing needs. The 2015 Lancer Sports Sedan is selling like hot pancakes and you should

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to our customer service specialist and schedule a test drive. While doing so, you can also start applying

for a financing OAC. As a buyer, you have an option to choose to pay in cash at a huge discount! Hurry

buy the Lancer 2015 Mitsubishi Sports Sedan now and get the best price available in the market!