Top 10 Sporty Sedans Canada Survey

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Sedans are utility vehicles in a box-type configuration. Oftentimes, sedans are used for city-

driving but cars such as sedans can also be used for adventure and off-the- road driving. Because of its

compact design, the car is perfect for activities that demands both durability and comfort. There are

various sedans available in the market but we have gathered the Top 10 cars that will fall into the

sporty-sedan category.



1). Dodge Dart, as a car brand that is not so familiar with the market, it does not exceed the market’s

expectation. While it may seem that the Dart is pretty to look at outside, it becomes less satisfying when

you are now behind the wheels. Physically, it is attractive but the overall performance lacks the quality

that Sedans should have.


2). Kia Forte. As a brand, Kia made sure that they are making it on the affordability aspect of the car.

It offers powertrain warranty that will make every buyer happy. As a sedan, the Forte has a surprisingly

bigger space than most cars. However, Kia is still a brand to watch out for as they are paving their way to

the international market.


3). Subaru Impreza. As a sedan coming from a long line of impressive line of products, Impreza seems

to fall off short. While it may have good physical characteristics, the sedan does not deliver the most

efficient mechanical performance, which is by far the most important aspect in buying the car. It

provides nothing more than the standard performance that most normal cars have.


4). Nissan Sentra. While Nissan is a brand known for providing quality big cars, it has allowed its

brands to compromise and to settle for mediocrity when they produce the Nissan Sentra. It may seem

that the car has a lot of features but at the end of the day, it is just that – features. It does not deliver to

the quality that every Nissan car should have.


5). Scion tC. It has probably been a trend that the physical aspect – especially the appearance – of the

car is at its best but the performance of the car has been compromised. tC looks pretty but it does not

really communicate sporty. tC’s performance may not exactly be that bad but there are other cars in the

market that scream better than this car.


6). Mitsubishi Lancer. Coming from a long line of durable and economical cars, Mitsubishi Lancer has

been on the list of cars with great features for luxury and comfort. While the appearance may not

necessarily be the perfect exterior feel, this sedan delivers performance better than it looks.


7). Ford Focus. As a brand famous for durability and efficiency, Ford Focus is one of the difficult to

beat sedans. The car delivers more than it is asked in terms of driving performance and agility while at

the same time economical. Focus is one of the most favorite cars that driving enthusiasts love to use.


8). Hyundai Elantra. On the physical, the car communicates sporty and masculinity. It depicts the

ideal car that sedan driving enthusiasts would want to drive. It is an Economical car with a 147 hp.

Compared to the average power of a Sedan, Elentra performs higher. As an added bonus, the car also

features variety of luxurious features which will make driving more comfortable.


9). Mazda 3. This sedan is an all-in- one vehicle. It is economical and it performs better than most cars

in its category. With a 155hp, Mazda 3 is perfect when you drive anywhere you want. It is a sedan that is

fun to drive and it has a playful performance.


10). Honda Civic Coupe. Overall excellence and efficiency is the best description for this vehicle. It

provides nothing but what every driver desires to have in a car. It offers a 158hp and a speed of

130mph. From a brand known for efficiency, Honda Civic continues the legacy of providing nothing but

the best for its loyal supporters.


Overall, sedans are commonly for fun driving and for roadtrips. It is a vehicle perfect for

getaway. Mitsubishi Fraser Valley offers a variety of sedan choices and one of its best sellers is the

Mitsubishi Lancer. In Canada, it is ideal to drive the Lancer 2015 as it is tailored-fit to what every drivers

need when they want to go on an adventure.


Schedule a test-drive on the Mitsubishi Lancer 2015 and have a taste of what it will be like to

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